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Trompe l'oeil: Murals that open up new perspectives

Trompe l'oeil is a French term literally meaning "trick the eye". The murals are so realistic that one feels oneself transported into another place or time. They create a feeling of spaciousness and magnify the room's dimensions in an ingenious manner. The murals are painted with high-grade acrylic paints. A trompe l'oeil can also be painted on linen or artificial linen. This can be attached to the wall and later detached if necessary, in the event of moving house. Weather resistant materials are used for all paintings made on exterior walls.

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Children rooms

Your child will be delighted by original decorations painted on walls or furniture. No matter their age, children often know exactly what they would most enjoy looking at when lying in bed. Appealing and unique compositions are created in collaboration with the parents and child. Whether painted directly on the wall or on a wooden panel for greater versatility, these cheerful paintings will truly enhance every child's room.

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I learnt the art of furniture decoration in one of Florence's top studios for restoration and decoration. The grisailles (monochromes) and ingenious relief and marble imitations catch the viewer's eye, with their three dimensional effects. The viewer's instinct is to reach out and touch the panel, only to discover that it is simply a painted illusion. The imitations of antiques are created using centuries-old techniques; they are durable and have a unique, captivating character.

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A delightful gift for partner, parent or child. In just one afternoon, you can arrange for a loved one to be immortalised in a portrait made using a pastel technique.

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Decorated tables 

I began to make and design these tables inspired by the traditional painting techniques used by the craftsmen of the Italian Renaissance. The tabletops are painted with an imitation of Italian marble. The marble imitations are made on the basis of a secret Florentine formula. The graceful table supports are partially painted with antique imitations, resulting in elegant designs that are both classical and modern in character. You can have a table designed entirely in accordance with your wishes, taking into account the interior design of your home.

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