Come and see

EarthPhones and Earthpads

at the Happinez Festival 10,11 and 12 may!


The EarthPhone made by Judith Dubois and the Earth:

180112-earthphone7925 klein

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The Art-tour in Broek in Waterland was well visited and a positive result: this earth art piece just finished and soldt! Now framed and ready to leave home.


Noorthseabeach, 62 cm bij 103 cm


First Fridays Amsterdam Oud-West

3 juni 18:00 en 21:00 uur First Frydays in Amsterdam Oud-West
Visit my studio to see my newest paintings, Overtoom 213 hs.

Or put yourselff in the picture with background the Dolomites, the dessert, or the dutch countryside!


Art-tour in Broek in Waterland

15 and 16 may 11:00 tot 17:00 hours

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40th International Art- & Antiques Fair Knokke

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uitnodiging Art Nocturne Knocke




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 31 augustus: 

Cultuurmarkt, Kerkplein, Zuiderwoude.

the artclub

artlessons for children

 7 juni t/m 18 juli: 

Expositie in de Broeker Kerk, Kerkplein 13, 1151 AH Broek in Waterland.