It's fundamental that art is being seen, really seen within the deeper layers.

Mijn kunstprojecten gaan over de samenwerking tussen mens en natuur. Ik laat de aarde zelf spreken door het gebruik van alleen natuurlijke en lichtechte materialen als zand, aarde, steen, veer en schelp. De materie is niet alleen het medium, maar ook het onderwerp.

I create a portrait from literally the background of the person portrayed. Earth looks back at you.

My artworks connect the primal past with the present. The origins of painting are roughly and purely placed in the present. Familiar and innovative at the same time. The earthy tones are natural and invite you to reflect, just like a landscape you see for the first time. When I travel, I go beyond just looking at the landscape, I want to touch it, take it with me and let it tell its own story. I feel like the alchemist. The treasures from the earth come together in a painting and reinforce each other De verbindende lijm, die eeuwenlang door kunstenaars gebruikt werd, heeft ook zijn duurzame kracht bewezen.

Portraits made in Earth

The series Old and new heroes (made) of the earth is the sequel to the series Rembrandt rises from dutch soil. This series contains portraits of old heroes, inspirers within Rembrandt's circle, and new heroes, like Tommy Wieringa, Jane Goodall and Amanda Gorman. “They are heroes in the sense that they inspire, dare to identify the problem and encourage people to reflect. It’s about famous and lesser known people, in the end all heroes are human. A human being made of elements of the earth. The heroes look at you and sometimes even right through you. In other words, the earth looks at you and makes contact with you. You make contact with nature in a very special way. 

I prefer to portray the person live. During the first sketch in my studio, you can choose from the places you have an affinity with, from my collection of sand, earth, shells, coal, feathers and bark from different parts of the world and the (oak ) wooden panel.

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Paintings from the series Rembrandt rises from dutch soil are made of sand, oyster shell, mussel, marl, coal and soil from various places in the Netherlands: from the North Sea beach to Drenthe, the Veluwe, the Wadden to soil from the polder, glued with a natural glue on oak panels. No paint, but purely natural materials and colours, as in Rembrandt's time.

Rembrandt was constantly studying and capturing light and humans. In his paintings, people really look out at you, and it’s as if you’re connecting with their era. You can touch my sand paintings, just like earth, they’re about connecting with the world around us.

The sequel to this series of Rembrandts is the portrait series Rembrandts inner circle. This series, with the old heroes, and has now grown and become the series "Old and new Heroes (made) of the Earth.

The Rembrandts have a separate website. For the entire collection, visit:

Het Joodse Bruidje, dit meesterwerk maakte ik in opdracht in 2020, foto en uitleg van het werk op de Rembrandt website. Het kunstwerk is gemaakt van zand, aarde , schelp, steen van over de hele wereld en pareltjes op houten paneel op ware grootte.


An Earthphone is a mini work of art, made of different colors of soil, sand, shells or stone glued on a little wooden panel in the size of a smartphone.

Beautiful mini works of art which resemble a smartphone, but will give you a complete different experience of a touchscreen.
Carefully collected from different places from all over the world. Bits of sequoia, shells from the Wadden, sand from the Veluwe, you name it: it can all be used in an EarthPhone created especially for you. Choose the humour of swimming shark fins or the nostalgia of the olden days. The red shades of Africa or the black ones from Waterland. Or pick one from the extensive collection.

You'll never have to charge it, update it or back it up. How's that for peace of mind?

The Earthphones have their own website. Check out the whole story and the collection:

Human & Nature

The main theme in my work is Movement. Nature and the human being are constantly changing and always in motion; action and reaction. The paintings function as a mirror of the viewer's state of mind. In some paintings the landscape is emphasized by some lines of human figures. The lines are interrupted, so that the background is visible in the human figure or vice versa.


On commission

Portraits, wall paintings, frescoes and artistic tables on commission. In these 4 galleries you can see a small selection of commissioned works since my return to the Netherlands from Italy in 1993.



As a young woman, Judith Dubois (1966) left forTuscany in order to specialize in drawing life models and restoring age-old frescoes.Landscapes always fascinated her a great deal,and all those predilections came together beautifully in her celebrated sand paintings.Ever since, earth in all its manifestations has been a leitmotiv in her work. She's exhibited inGermany, Switzerland, Belgium and theNetherlands, and lovingly works on assignments and her own ideas in her studio right in the heart of Amsterdam.