An Earthphone is a mini work of art, made of different colors of soil, sand, shells or stone glued on a little wooden panel in the size of a smartphone.

Beautiful mini works of art which resemble a smartphone, but will give you a complete different experience of a touchscreen.
Carefully collected from different places from all over the world. Bits of sequoia, shells from the Wadden, sand from the Veluwe, you name it: it can all be used in an EarthPhone created especially for you. Choose the humour of swimming shark fins or the nostalgia of the olden days. The red shades of Africa or the black ones from Waterland. Or pick one from the extensive collection.

You'll never have to charge it, update it or back it up. How's that for peace of mind?

The Earthphones have their own website. Check out the whole story and the collection: