Exhibition portrait series 'Old and New Heroes (made) in Earth' in the church of Broek in Waterland

After the successful series 'Rembrandt rises from Dutch soil', artist Judith Dubois exhibits from April 27 – June 6 with the follow-up series called 'Old and New Heroes (made) in Earth'. A unique series of portrait paintings made entirely from natural elements such as sand, clay, stone and shells. Portrayed are both 'Old Heroes' – inspirations from Rembrandt's circle – and 'New Heroes' such as Tommy Wieringa (see photo on the right), Amanda Gorman and Jane Goodall.

Especially for this exhibition, Judith Dubois has created a portrait of Ukrainian president Zelensky en de Russische journaliste Marina Ovsjannikova gemaakt. De de gehele opbrengst van deze twee speciale portretschilderijen zal naar Giro555 gaan!

During the exhibition in the Broeker Kerk in Broek in Waterland Dubois' latest work 'Old and New Heroes of (the) Earth' will be shown. Dubois: “I build my portraits from sand, soil, stone, shell and bark from the places with which the roots of the portrayed have connection. They connect the past with the present. I want to connect the old with the new, as well as with the heroes of the past and of our time. They are heroes in the sense that they inspire, dare to question and encourage people to think. They are well-known and lesser-known people, because ultimately all heroes are human. A human being made of the elements of the earth. With those earth elements I create portraits, made of sand, soil, stone, shell and bark of the soil where the roots of the portrayed lie or places in the world with which the portrayed has an affinity. The heroes look at you and sometimes right through you. In other words, the earth looks at you and makes contact with you. Connecting with nature in a very special way.”

That's why within the portrait the used earth materials have a special symbolism. For example, the portrait Amanda Gorman, fighting for equality, (see photo on the right) consists of sand and earth from Africa, where the roots of her distant ancestors lie, Suriname and the Antilles, areas where slaves were traded, and California in the US – the country where she was born and raised. In addition, during the exhibition, each portrait is accompanied by a matching Earthphone, a beautiful work of art that resembles a telephone, but offers a completely different experience. 

In a series of heroes, according to Dubois, the current heroes cannot be missed: President of Ukraine Zelensky and the heroic action of Marina Ovsyannikova. Due to the current situation in Ukraine, which is obviously dear to Dubois's heart, the entire proceeds of these portraits will be donated to Giro555.